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will be to get our deficits and debt under control. >> then just this week, a different tone. he said we don't have an immediate crisis in terms of debt. in fact, the next ten years it's going to be a sustainable place." congressman van hollen, why the change? >> it's not a change. they're totally consistent. right now our big problem is to sustain the economic recovery. we've seen momentum in the job market. and the last thing we want to do right now is to put the brakes on that. in fact, one-half of this year's deficit is due to unemployment, the fact that more people aren't at work. so what the president saying our focus right now should be to get people back to work, sustain the recovery, and then reduce the deficit in a measured, balanced way. there's no doubt that we have to do it and the budgets the president will present and the ones we will present will do that. it will put us on a sustained downward trajectory on deficits. but our priority is job growth. >> this is the point, right? his argument is don't get us in the middle of austerity in the next ten years. you're going to hurt
: good evening, brian. detroit is like a lot of cities struggling with budget deficits and closing schools like the one behind me. proposed shut-downs in chicago are more and bigger than any city has ever attempted all at one time. outrage intensified as word spread. 54 public schools in chicago are slated to close at the end of this school year. >> my child has been here since he's been going to school. >> it's so sad to think that they are all going to be separated. >> reporter: the city is working to address a $1 billion deficit and says the closures could save $560 million over ten years. before it can save it has to spend. $223 million to reconfigure the schools absorbing new students. >> this policy is racist, classist and we have to continue to say that our mayor who is away on a ski trip drops this information right before spring break. this is cowardly. it's the ultimate bullying job. mayor rahm emanuel should be ashamed of himself. >> reporter: mayor emanuel defends the closing claiming too much money has been spent on underutilized schools with empty classrooms saying, t
. this as the postal service with huge deficits, closing centers and eyeing the day when it stops saturday service until congress steps in. this is dismantling the postal service as we know it. he says the postal service really needs to keep up with technology. >> the postal service they want is to privatize the post office. one of the things they are aiming right now is to reduce from six-day to five-day delivery. later on they are going to try to privatize it. we don't want that. we cannot allow that to happen. >> with the economy improving, we're seeing the mail coming back a little bit slowly. what we've lost is bill paying. people pay bills online. it's free, convenient. that won't come back. we've reacted in a responsible way. >> he said they never laid anyone off. they used buyouts and other methods to reduce manpower. they are looking into using smart phones, package delivery options, testing a system where say you order by 9:00 a.m. and get package delivered by noon, he says the postal will be viable for the next 10 years. reporting live, christie smith. >>> a memorial growing in santa ro
, the average 8.35. that now puts us in a deficit for the calendar year at 6.88. so one of the driest calendar years on record in the bay area. let's get you outside to the live sky network. many of you will get less in san jose, a few raindrops will help the allergies and air quality. foster city, you can see pointed toward the coastline some of those shower cells we tracked offshore. that will eventually move in for you. and in san francisco we've had a little bit of drizzle off and on at the immediate coastline. eventually, yes, we'll get that rainfall here as well. let's get a look at tpattern. this area of low circulation is out in the pacific, associated cold front. the main thing driving all of this moisture right now is this subtropical push of moisture. this would normally produce 1 to 3 inches of rainfall, but it's lacking some of the upper level dynamics we mentioned yesterday so, yes, we're going to have a decent round of some rain, but it's not going to be the strongest storm of 2013. throughout the night, we'll get showers we tracked offshore moving across the bay area. by 11:00
hours, it has not done in san jose. right now 1.63 for 2012. that's a deficit of 6.72. one of the drier calendar years. we have blue sky here not in san jose. a low cloud deck there. right off to the north here what you're going to find is there's your blue sky. a few breaks of sunshine here across the bay including fremont and then up to emoryville. what you'll notice is some of that drizzle i noted that is showing up here in san jose. also a gorgeous shot. what we have happening is a subtropical moisture and the cold front over the past 24 hours is now pushing to the south. you can see all that cloud cover moving into southern california. that's shaping up just in time for your weekend. so we're going to see more of a milder trend building in as we head throughout friday, saturday, and sunday's forecast. slightly drying winds as well. that we do think will produce some 70s in the forecast. we're not going to see that at the coastline though. 50s and 60s. little bit breezy for thursday. friday and saturday, 70s are expected to return. what we are noting here for tonight is by 11:00, a
overcame a 27-point deficit. and heat streaked by the cavs. in that process, notching the 24th straight win in their belt. >>> in the first-round of the ncaa tournament number 2, 16 seed and james madison university won to advance to the second round which starts tomorrow with 16 games. they will play top seed indiana friday. good luck in that. >>> then to number 13 seeds lasalle defeated boise state. they advance to the second round to face kansas state. >>> president obama, by the way, he filled out his ncaa brackets. and he predicted that number one louisville will make it to final four. he also chose ohio state, florida and indiana to win it all. >>> nfl chicago bears could not agree on a new contract for eight time pro bowl linebacker brian urlacher so he becomes a free agent after 13 years. and ed reed left the super bowl champ baltimore ravens after 11 seasons and signed with the houston texans. >>> tiger woods says he and lindsay vonn went public about their relationship so the paparazzi couldn't make as much money from pictures they took of the couple. >> it's real simple. we're ha
, the beginning of it to date is 8.35. nearly a 7 inch deficit in san jose. that is why we think we can have drought conditions developing as we head to may and june. the camera lens has been wet. it is slick on the peninsula on 101 and 280. you can see the rain drops creating a beautiful shot tonight. drivers are slowing down quite a bit and visibility being reduced with moderate rain. we have this area of low pressure, a cold front and then a huge stream of subtropical moisture moving in. you may have noticed it felt a little humid out here. we actually squeezed out a lot more rainfall if we had a few more dynamics happening for us with this storm. we are getting more of a moderate to weak system for us as we continue throughout the night and tomorrow. we have the rainfall lingering through 9:00 p.m. and then a small break by 11:00 p.m. tonight. may have lingering showers near san francisco. and then we will start to get in on the second reinforcing round of rainfall through wednesday morning. and then it will push down throughout the afternoon hours on wednesday. do expect periods of wet
, but running a deficit into april. we're not doing that bad. it could be worse, as you know. we stop the clock for you at 2:00 p.m. santa rosa to novato. a stray shower, not expecting much until the evening commute home. we stop the clock at 5:00 p.m. antioch to san jose and the santa cruz mountains. and the showers will become a lot lighter. and clearing you out for the second half of the day on wednesday. but today, because we're still on the warm side of that system and it's taken its time, we're going to hit 59 inland. 63, stick around. i'll time out the storm system to your doorstep with my future cast coming up. i've got the seven-day outlook. you might be thinking about the weekend right about now. you have to work for it, though. >> you can think about the weekend while you're waiting at the bay bridge. it's starting to build here. fast track, no time for daydreaming. don't daydream on the roads anyway. we're looking at the maps. the map, we see a maze with a flow of traffic. oakland, it slows a bit at 980 to 880. and 580, as well. folks are held up at richmond and san pablo. that's wh
we can at this point. as we have a deficit in terms of our average rainfall. 6:19, back to you. let's check on the traffic alert and see if there are any changes with mike inouye. >> we do have great weather in place. i wanted to show folks what a distraction, might be getting into the city. as we clear that out, we look at your commute. we also have a nice, beautiful commute coming through the area. as you are heading through van ness approaching the golden gate bridge. the south side is a big concern. some crashes. caltrans has to get out and remove the larger boulders and recover fencing. friday, lighter commutes, south of the tunnel. keeps things moving smoothly. we will continue to track that. it is going to build heading over towards the golden gate bridge. your northbound routes moving pretty smoothly. a little north of 680. north 87 coming into downtown. this is the big concern. the significant alert, which continues southbound 280, starting to build now. caltrans may have just quoted th cleared that southbound ramp at mclaughlin. we have 2 of your 4 lanes open as well. bob
to focus on that next year's budget. they are hoping to get a big deal here to address the deficit. last year, the house and senate put out opposing plans. the good news is that both sides seem ready to work toward a path to compromise. just what that path is is not clear. the president won't be involved in very many budget talks. he is traveling to israel for the first time as president. he is going to work on his relations with prime minister, benjamin netanyahu. republicans are returning reenergized after wrapping up their conservative political action. who they could be looking for a 2016 presidential run. senator rand paul followed by senator marco rubio were on top. >>> we are going to get you updated when it comes to the forecast. enjoy today. don't wash the car. >> don't go doing anything crazy like that. >> wash both your cars. >> i well get my sham would you out for you. >>> 42, napa, 45, san francisco. 37 degrees in novato. temperatures mostly in the upper 40s. mid-40s in sunnyvale and 45 there and 40 to start in san mateo. grab your allergy medicine if you still suffer from t
of a deficit, 70 to 80% of average as far as rainfall total this is year. i'm looking 15 days out. it looks like we'll see quite an active start to next month. 54 in san jose right now. i wanted to start with your temperatures to show you how mild it is right now. tropical even with the showers on the radar. rain-cooled air in the vallejo area. let me zoom in and show you who is getting hit the hardest. that would be martinez. embedded in that, you have yellow and red, all that moisture headed to concord in the next 20 minutes. these are moderate downpours. enough to make for dangerous conditions and keep those roadways wet. it won't last forever, though. mo r rain on the way throughout the morning. you can see just a little bit of moderate rainfall at that point, north to santa rosa, deep green down in san jose. rain on the way for us. we haven't even received the moisture we're expecting. san jose, the south bay, will get it today. stop the clock at 6:00 pm. starting to lighten up a bit. turning more spotty. showers will linger through the overnight hours. by tomorrow morning, lingering s
to close the 54 schools in an effort to make a dent in a $1 billion budget deficit, make better use of resources and improve overall education here in the nation's third largest school district. >> i don't think it's going to be good for my kids. >> reporter: the news of the school closings continues to ripple across chicago this morning. >> i'm, just don't know where they're going to go. >> reporter: mayor rahm emmanuel says the closures are necessary after too much money was being spent on maintaining underutilized school buildings saying "by consolidating these schools, chicago public schools can focus on safely getting every child into a better performing school. like school systems in new york and philadelphia, where schools are being closed, chicago must make tough choices." a number of teachers may lose their jobs as a result of the closings. karen lewis. of the teachers' union lashed out at emmanuel. >> our mayor, who is away on a ski trip, drops this information right before spring break. it's the ultimate bullying job. mayor rahm emmanuel should be ashamed of himself. >> r
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12